Arcadia Aviation Holdings S.A.

Arcadia Aviation Holdings SA (“AAH”), is a publicly traded company formed to acquire specific, geographically desirable businesses in different private General Aviation ("GA") verticals including Pilot Training, Aircraft Sales and Leasing, Aircraft Maintenance and Management, as well as 135 licensed Air Charter and Air Taxi operators.

This suite of product offerings will strengthen each business individually and cater to the needs of any person or corporation involved in general private aviation. From pilot training to aircraft acquisition by purchase or lease, to maintaining and managing aircraft, to air taxi or premium private charter, AAH subsidiary companies will provide unprecedented service and support in a trusted one stop shop environment.

The combined integrated company will be able to meet the needs of the private air traveler, licensed pilot and aircraft owner under one roof.  The GA industry is traditionally fragmented with mainly local, small individual operators.  AAH will combine the best of these companies to take advantage of economies of scale and professional back office management.  Each of the integrated companies under the AAH umbrella will feed upon and provide cross over customers to the other as individual’s transition from the student level to certified pilots to aircraft owners as well as to charter and air taxi passengers.

To reach our goal, AAH will initially acquire existing small companies in the above verticals and consolidate their operations including but not limited to their accounting, legal, sales and marketing services under our umbrella. By eliminating all the duplicity of each operating entity, AAH anticipates to create additional cash flow and profitability. AAH plans to prove out its model in the NY Metro area and afterward roll out this concept in key affluent markets such as (Chicago, Atlanta, Palm Beach, Miami, Boca Raton, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Scottsdale, Dallas, etc.) to establish national brand recognition.

With a trusted one stop shop our customer base will be able to do almost anything associated with GA,  including, obtaining a pilots certificate, renting, leasing or buying an airplane as well as aircraft storage and professional management and maintenance.  By putting an individually owned aircraft into either the flight school or 135 carriers pool, costs are not only contained, but FAA regulations will dictate the utmost level of maintenance and care.  In addition to the many services offered, those looking to fly privately for business or personal reasons will have the trust and the access to our fleet of piston or business jet aircraft. Furthermore, AAH’s representatives will be available 24/7 to service any of our client’s needs.